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Quotes, Inspiration & Success Secrets | Ebook

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Camilita has written and lived these quotes over the last 15 years, while building 2 global businesses in direct sales to over 11,000 distributors, in 30+ countries, with an excess of $20Million dollars in sales. In addition, these quotes come from her currently running 2 global brands: The Event of Champions® and Camilita®.com – where she teaches entrepreneurs how to build, sustain and develop a global brand. Camilita is a Keynote Speaker, Sales Trainer and Executive Business Coach to hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world.

Camilita’s quotes, inspirational messages and success secrets come to her in her quiet time of personal development (and I am sure for you too) and when tragedy strikes. It’s normally when tragedy strikes that you find the mental fortitude to keep going and not quit. When you remind yourself WHY you are doing what you are doing and what actions you need to take to achieve your goals, then you dig into the mental bank of personal development and inspiration just keeps flooding in.

The words from these quotes, inspirational messages and short paragraphs are mostly her own. They came out of her talking to herself most times (not answering herself we assure you) and finding strength within when business was good, bad or indifferent.

Camilita has chosen the topics of Success, Education, Inspiration and The Champion Life as those are the main resources she’s used the last 15 years to build her businesses. Success can mean so much to so many people and it’s not all about money, although money plays a large part in it. Education should be a lifelong thing as is Inspiration, which can come from various places: family, friends, a religious place of worship or even from failure. The Champion Life is something she has lived herself, coming from the public dump in Trinidad to being quoted in Forbes and Think & Grow Rich for Women.

Be inspired like the people Camilita has shared these quotes, inspirational messages and success secrets with over the last 15 years.


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