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1-2-1 Business Coaching (3 hours)

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Camilita partners with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential, to Live Like a Champion. As a leader and communicator, Camilita has had countless coaches throughout her life and knows she could not have done it without them.



This is 3 hours of one-to-one Coaching with Camilita on your business. This can be delivered in one of the following ways…..

  • One full 3 hour session
  • One 2 hour session, plus one 1 hour session
  • Three 1 hour sessions

Camilita’s ability to translate endless passion into business will help YOU build a sustainable route to successful entrepreneurship. Through her personalised coaching process, Camilita truly hears what is needed – and her proprietary techniques for discovering human potential is revolutionary.

She’s a trendsetter, unafraid to have the difficult conversations that push you towards purpose and dream fulfilment. If you’re serious about business and ready to move to the next level, Camilita is the executive business coach you need on your side.

If you’re looking for an executive business coach who will provide a blueprint for success through leadership, example and immediately actionable ideas, you can trust Camilita to guide you toward the future you deserve.


I want to endorse Camilita as the perfect coach for me. What I like about her, and I think it’s very important in choosing a coach, is that she is already successful in the areas that I want to be successful in – growing businesses and helping people. It’s also very important that your coach is really interested in you and not just being a number in the system. That’s what I got from Camilita. What is also different is I really felt like ‘I’ was the focus. I think you should look for a great coach where they themselves believe in continuous development and Camilita hits the mark. My experience has been absolutely amazing and I want to thank Camilita so much for all her support in attaining my BIG goals. – Shane Ram (Trinidad)

Camilita, it’s hard to express in words what you have done for me. I feel very blessed to have had you as my coach. I have never met anyone with such energy and enthusiasm as you. You are truly a master motivator, who is genuinely concerned about others and wants to see them succeed at a high level. Your coaching was one of the most intensive and mind opening experiences I’ve ever had. I believe you have made it possible for me to enjoy a whole new way of life.  I feel inspired, empowered and energized to “fight for my future, because I now know that I am only three feet from gold”.  Thank you for giving me a better reason to love life……. you really changed my life! – Richette Percente (Bahamas)

I met Camilita at Event of Champions® in Toronto in June… and I was instantly connected to her energy and her directness. It was at that point that I decided to work with Camilita as my coach to help accelerate my business. Camilita is an amazing person and business women who gives it her all and helps connect you with other like-minded entrepreneurs. I feel privilege to have Camilita as a friend and would definitely recommend her coaching if you want to take your business to the next level. – Raschell Harlingten (Canada)


Let Camilita be the architect of your dreams.

Camilita partners with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential, to Live Like a Champion.



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