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Fast Track Your Success Group Online Coaching

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Ever thought that your goals are taking a lot longer than you thought they would? You see other people achieving more in a shorter period of time and you think – why is that not happening to me? I have the skills, work ethic and discipline like they do but somehow I can’t seem to make it happen quick enough.

Perhaps you are nearing retirement and need to do something quick. Have you always wanted to be a speaker, coach, property investor, trainer, change businesses or start another business but are lacking the skills or know-how to make it happen?

LIVE Monthly 60 Minute Training Call/month with Q & A

Learn how to Fast Track Your Success with our monthly training designed to teach you the 12 Key Strategies I have used over the last 15 years to build two 6 and 7 figure businesses and generate sales of over $20Million dollars.


2 FREE tickets to my 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales® 1 Day Training (one for you and one for a guest) in London. If you can’t attend this event, you can access the recording after the event on your back end. A $594 SAVING!


30% of my 3 Day Business Intensive Event in London in 2019, a $599 VALUE. If you can’t attend either of these, you can attend any 3 Day Intensive in 2019 and the same discount.


Membership to Camilita’s Gold Membership Program for 1 year! – VALUE $470. You will also have access to ask me LIVE questions twice / month on our monthly membership call


2 of my eBooks – How to Fast Track Your Success & Inspirational Messages & Success Secrets to Live Like a Champion.


You will learn Camilita’s 12 Simple Strategies to Fast Track Your Success! Here are just a few…

  • 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales® – The Plan, The Process, The Execution. Time to ramp up your sales and your income.
  • How to quadruple your sales by getting to level 5.
  • How to use events, keynote speaking and social media to increase sales.
  • Strategies to increase your productivity and generate more business
  • If It’s NOT Making Money, It’s Not Making Sense, Period! – How to use this principle to your advantage.
  • The five key strategies to dramatically scale your business in 90 Days.

Let Camilita be the architect of your dreams.

Camilita wants to show you what it takes to Fast Track Your Success & Income in 90 Days and create a platform where you are seen as the expert as you collaborate with the top entrepreneurs in the industry.

It’s easier now to scale your business than ever before. What’s important though is the structure, work ethic, collaborations and online strategy needed to not only build but sustain a 6 or 7 Figure Business.

Camilita has created two 7 Figure Businesses in the last 7 years and is still expanding globally.

Camilita wants to show you how to do it correctly while creating momentum where people start calling you for business and you are constantly being referred to for new qualified clients.

Did you know that your ability to set and achieve 90-Day Goals is paramount to your success? The best way to do so is to find someone who has already succeeded on a massive scale, model what they have done and avoid what they tell you to avoid. Agreed?

Then time to get to work!


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