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Attention all entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, authors, business owners, sales trainers, etc etc. What if you could spend time with some of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world? 

What is Champions Women Summit and Who Should Attend…


The Champions Women Summit is for women (and men) who want to:

Make more money…

Create multiple streams of residual income 

Live their champions life now

Live in their purpose and passion 

Let me ask you a few questions and if the answer is yes, then this summit is for you!


  • You’re fed up with your life the way it is, your relationships, your business, your finances – what finances?
  • You’re at the point where you are saying to yourself ‘I have to make a change’ or ‘I don’t want to face another year unprepared, unplanned or without support to fulfill my dreams’?
  • You’re struggling to get your business off the ground? Are you confused about what to do?
  • You’re thinking about changing careers, calling it quits or do you want some direction but don’t know where to turn?
  • You have a big dream. You know you are supposed to make a huge difference in the world, with your children, family or community but you just can’t seem to get things going.

Did any of those sound like you? If so…

REGISTER NOW and let’s get cracking! 

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Meet our Champions Women’s Summit Keynote Speakers 

Camilita Nuttall 


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Learn from Global Speakers, Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Authors, Company Directors……

According to a recent study by Bloomberg: Americans, Europeans, and people around the world who are over 40 are all concerned about their retirement. 


Are you concerned too? I used to be just like you.

I worked all hours possible, without any residual income, struggling to pay my bills and living below my capability. 

I made a choice to become create multiple streams of residual income, build businesses and help others do the same. 

My guest speakers have all done the same and we want to show you on this summit how to do the same. 

Oh, I have a FREE gift for you too!


You get a copy of my How to Fast Track Your Success eBOOK too! 

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Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Get During This Virtual Summit…

Secrets To Building Long-Term Wealth 
Robert Kiyosaki & Jeremy Bellotti

See how to do 2 simple things: make more money & have your money make more money. The only thing keeping you from doing both is your mindset. Get the secrets to adjusting your mindset for wealth in this keynote address.


Diving Into The CashFlow Quadrant Andy Tanne

See what it takes to make the shift from employee to business owner, and business owner to entrepreneur. We’ll address the common challenges everyone faces here, and how to overcome all of them.


The Difference Between Creating a Job & 
Being an Entrepreneur Jeremy Bellotti

Discover why most people get stuck tying their income to time and what it means to create a job vs. creating a business. See real examples of people who have become entrepreneurs and discover how to get into entrepreneurship without going through the typical entrepreneurial pitfalls.


The Best Online & Offline Business Opportunities 
Andrew Lantz

Find out about different online and offline business opportunities. This presentation is jam-packed with relevant and proven examples to help you start your own business!



The Fastest Way to Start a Business – The X Factor 
Jeremy Bellotti & Anik Singal

Success is simple. You just need to learn from people who have already achieved it. You’ll see why investing in the best possible teachers could be the best decision you’ll ever make in your professional life.



Assets vs. Liabilities 
Andrew Lantz

What’s an asset? What’s a liability? Find out in this presentation. You’ll see simple ways to create wealth, invest in assets, and minimize liabilities.Discover how to generate cash flow as opposed to just equity.



Demystifying the Stock Market 
Andy Tanner

What are stocks? Where does the value come from? See how to get started in stocks, and how to avoid the common mistakes people make when investing in the stock market.



An Email List as an Asset? 
Anik Singal

So Why Register for this Summit?

The organizers of the Rich Dad Summit are all entrepreneurs.

And, we’ve all had help along the way. So to give back, we want to help as many people become entrepreneurs as possible – not just those who can afford high-ticket courses.

This isn’t just a talking point, it’s our mission.




Why the Rich Dad Summit is so POWERFUL:

  • 100% VIRTUAL: We don’t have hard-costs, travel or hotels – we can pass on these savings to YOU!
  • Only $1: We know that EVERYONE in the world with Internet can access the event, as well as afford it.
  • Excuse-Free Zone: We remove ALL excuses from your arsenal. Now, you have no choice, but to take action. Welcome to accountability!
  • Eliminated Risk: Sometimes, we all just need a risk-free opportunity to dip our toes into. So many courses are hundreds of dollars, it’s scary. Well, not anymore. With this just being $1 to attend, now, you can experience the online business world and feel safe!
Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know much (ok, zero) about business or entrepreneurship. Is this a good fit for me?

No worries! Many of our students have arrived with little or no “business” background. The fact is, these days, the technology required to run an online business can be fully automated.

And for all the stuff you don’t know, we’ll help you get up to speed fast with our guides, tutorials, and video lessons!

I have a full-time job. Can I still attend the Rich Dad Summit?

As I mentioned before, we want this training to be a gift that will help people all around the world to transform their lives!

For anyone who wants to work with us further, those who are serious about turbo-charging their results, there will be opportunities to invest at a higher level down the road. 

It really is that simple 🙂

Yes, I Want Instant Access To The Training

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